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Types of articles
1. Abstract—If authors wish to present their work but do not wish to have their full paper published, the abstract will be evaluated by the editorial board and will be published only in the anthology of abstracts handed out on the day of the conference but will not be included in the proceedings.
2. Full papers—If authors wish to present their work and to have their papers published in the proceedings, the papers will be first assessed by our editorial board and subsequently reviewed by qualified readers who will recommend  rejection or acceptance for publication in either the conference proceedings or Journal of Liberal Arts (July-December 2021), in TCI-2.

The best one will be awarded the Best Paper Award, on which our selection committee's decision is considered final.

Abstracts and full papers in all branches with content related to Language and language education, Cultural studies, Social sciences and Humanities and Social Sciences in Face of Concurrent Disruptions.
  1. Language and language education
    1.1 First and second language acquisition
    1.2 Language professional development
    1.3 Language teaching and learning
    1.4 Language education
    1.5 Literature, linguistics, and discourse analysis
  2. Cultural studies
    2.1 Cultural wisdom
    2.2 Cultural identity
    2.3 Creative culture
    2.4 Cultural tourism
  3. Social sciences
    3.1 Business Management, Economy and Entrepreneurship
    3.2 Community studies
    3.3 Defence and Security
    3.4 Gender studies
    3.5 Human and social development
    3.6 Media and Communications
    3.7 Psychology
    3.8 Religion, Law and Human Rights
    3.9 Sociology
    3.10 Supply Chain Logistics and Transport
    3.11 Tourism management


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